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Participants EmporioMusicFest played the hits of A'Studio

Participants EmporioMusicFest played the hits of A'Studio


Music of passion this week, raging not only in Stockholm but in Moscow in Emporio café, where EmporioMusicFest. the sixth day of competition — «MAY.A'studio.DAY» — the festival participants sang songs of his fathers — A'studio.

the jury was attended by almost all the members of the legendary band: Baigali Serkebayev, Vladimir mikloshich, the singer-composer Roman Koshkarov, also, Giga, Kvenetadze — the composer of new hits A Studio.

Spectators and guests expect a lot of surprises, one of which was a joint performance of the song “you and I» Baigali by Serkebaeva and The Jigits.

the Competition was opened by Kazakh singer Zzara struck with its stylish image and experimental electronics. Lyric of the song ‘Stop, night» the girl made a dance track.

“female» from Chelyabinsk sang a song A'studio “These warm summer days” in a light jazz style six votes, playfully introducing his speech with the comment: “Indulged at last?”.

18-year-old singer Sangina Sharipova, specifically for the Emporio Music Fest arrived in Moscow from Kazakhstan and perfectly executed song Baigali Serkebayev «On the wings of happiness». “Not so long ago I held the first solo concert in Astana in the day of my 18th birthday! Emotions of that day are still firmly enclosed in the memory and in order for them to test again, I came here for a music festival Baigali, thank you very much for the invitation!», — she admitted.

the Resident project Jazz Parking Sofia Chelidze from Georgia sang the song “Love-the river” in his manner. And Valery Antipova played one of the modern hits of the group A'studio “Here it is love». As she said herself, Valeria, from the stage: “When I heard the task, I had no doubt what song I'm gonna do!”.

Denis Sokolov and a group of "Triton» from Novosibirsk from famous “Julia» made incendiary dance hit.

“Sometimes contests want the speech to be over, but today it is a magnificent performance by all participants wanted to listen and listen. And this, of course, absolutely not because it was a song A'studio», — commented Baigali Serkebayev performance of the participants.