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DJ Smash: "Without music I can't live"

DJ Smash: "Without music I can't live"


This spring you took part in the Ibiza world tour  "Amnesia" than you have pleased their listeners?  Who, of the speakers musicians have left your most vivid impression?

- Pleased incendiary, high-quality, powerful music. I liked the way played DJ Chuckie, with whom I spoke is not the first time, also liked DJ ATB. 

Andrew, in April, you launched a series of mixes “Powerful”, what was your inspiration and when your fans  expect the release of the next mix?

“Powerful” is an electronic music festival which will be held twice a year in Moscow, and later in other cities of Russia. Powerful is the coolest DJs, the hottest light and the most powerful sound!  the Next fest will be in November.  Inspired, of course, the music without which I cannot live.

Tell me a little about your restaurant, what spring offers you spoil visitors and how often do you play your DJ -sets?

- in the menu there are always the spring and summer, even winter. Depends, of course, the season. There is also a proposal "celebrate your birthday with 30% discount".  Our chef Maxim Filimonov is currently engaged in developing a summer menu.  Sets play BoomBoomRoom often enough. So come!

Our newsroom, it became known that your nickname you have chosen is not accidental, because Smash –  it's your favorite shot in tennis. Do you play tennis and how often do you exercise?

- I really like tennis. Playing on vacation. Do skiing, plus a weekly fitness workout 

for anybody not a secret that your first album you released in 14 years that you had inspired?

- I wrote from childhood music: played the piano, the synthesizer. And then there was the computer.

one of the colleagues on the stage, you always enjoy listening to in their headphones?

Listen to Daft Punk

who of Western stars would you like to record a duet?

- Robbie Williams, Madonna. Really wanted to write with Craig David did it.

this year you presented at once in two nominations “the Muz-TV» “Best videos” and “duet” what do you want to see in their hands?  And what you represent  future prize?

- of Course I "duet". And the award, I think, will be Powerful!

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