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The Ambassador of Russia in Latvia and wished success Arseny Borodin.

The Ambassador of Russia in Latvia and wished success Arseny Borodin.


on 17 July in Jurmala hosted a number of traditional events leading up to the beginning of the festival. First this year was the ceremony of cancelling the stamps with the images of the participants “New  the Waves-2013”.

the Director General of the competition Alexey Rumyantsev in the presence of the representative of the Latvian post presented all the contestants sets of stamps with their images. The guys were asked to send cards home, pre-written message and sticking a stamp.

“I decided to send a postcard to your grandma thanks for everything,  what she did for me in this life.  Because if she never took me to a music school, vocals and other clubs, I wouldn't have become an artist.  sometimes She gave my pension for my education, and I am insanely grateful for everything. Sending her this card – this is only a small part of what I can do for her. I'm sure Granny will be glad to receive a postcard with stamp with my face on it" – said Arseny Borodin.

Next  held a traditional event and create a bas-relief of the international competition of young performers «New Wave”. In creating the sculptures was attended not only contestants and contest organizers, and ambassadors of Nations represented in the competition.

the First put his hand to the creation of a bas-relief of contestants from Russia with his country's Ambassador Alexander Veshnyakov. Our artists have focused on musical instruments and their own logos, and Alexander Albertovich portrayed rises in the East, the sun symbolizes the brightness and the growth of talented young people in Russia, which, according to him, will bring our country  fortune «New Wave-2013”.

Then all went for a lot of participants. It took place in Riga in the sports and entertainment complex «Go Planet». To identify rooms for participants of a particular country, there have been two sports. The contestants have to go on trucks and overcame the obstacle among lasers. At the end of the competitions   the second day of the competition Arseny Borodin will perform under number 3, and the final will take the stage on the 12th. What number Arseniy will speak on the first day of the contest will be announced on the opening day of the festival.

New release «Diary of a New Wave-2013» today at 18:15!