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Without the priests, but with the soul

Without the priests, but with the soul


I Have no doubt on that score, do you know who are Iggy Azalea, or, say, Charlie HSH. Meanwhile, the musicians on a planetary scale, writing exactly what the music, help, Dargomyzhsky, to go into mother of pearl shells helps to fall into primitive enthusiasm.

on the other hand (mine), it would hardly be an act of barbaric defamation to notice that these artists of such distinction, that to drive them in the neck and that is an act of pure mercy. These characters last year made the Legion, and what can I say? As expressed by the producer I. Matvienko, advertising whiskey, too, and is highly artistic, and highly effective.

Bieber is Not single.

Here take Nicki Minaj, whose size ass at three hundred times the size of the brain, but which behaves as if it were her, though in her case except the fifth point and the pitch even for me, the king of obscene language, thick Mat, nothing.

This became a classic over the last few years situation: where it is not clear how ordinary the song is a massive hit, but, becoming so vividly illustrates prekrastnoe the state of pop music fucking Universe.

this is “Vintage” too, because is part of the Universe, she operativnenko recorded a song called twice konyunkturno – «Crisis». And you didn't know is that sometimes in order to get to the point, you have to be a weather vane and time into the text vile MOT “screwed” and bulky, the taste of the back of all of them, mind strong Kudrin combination of “not working”?

the Texts are reduced to the headlines: "We are all in... well, we're all in there...". And our and vengeance epigastrium.

That's just not necessary to say “for all Odessa" of use a great gift not of the narrator. About this part of the body, it also unbridled rocking, in recent years sings the aforementioned Nicki Minaj, making the fifth point in the metaphor and giving balancant of the priest cosmogonic proportions.

it's Time to sing about the soul - even Pharrell Williams, though Kirkorov. But with a soul and a good text.

Otar Kushanashvili