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New video of Gluk'oza "Sing to Me Wind"

New video of Gluk'oza "Sing to Me Wind"


more recently, Gluck’оZа presented their new track “Sing to me, wind», which premiered earlier this summer. Adaptation of the song is not long to wait. Shooting new video Glyuk'oza took place in Spain and lasted for two days.

the Clip tells the story of an unforgettable day of wildlife photographer – a beautiful girl who while walking finds a piece of card and sent in a fascinating journey through the most picturesque places of Catalonia and the Pyrenees. The route was about 7,000 km! 

the Location was not chosen by chance. Glitch’oZa has long loved Spain. It is in this country – Marbella – were born two of the most important treasures in the life of the singer – her daughter. In this video, the viewer to get acquainted with a completely non-touristy side of the Kingdom of Spain – the main action takes place around the picturesque town of Vallfogona del Ripolles.

Following the call of the wind, the traveler is looking for the pieces of card on the rugged cliffs and picturesque parts of the city. On the way she met a wild bison, pheasants, horses. We visited the waterfall, which is located in the crater of the volcano.  Everything here is authentic, like a bridge, paved with more than 300 years ago and has never undergone repairs. 

a Beautiful mountainous terrain with high cliffs and landscapes of unearthly beauty moves the audience into an amazing adventure. Here everyone will find what he is looking for. And what treasures went the singer, the audience will learn from the new video.

Bug’oZa: This song is the anthem of my summer. It all my tenderness and love. For the first time in Spain I was in a wedding. My husband and I sailed on the boat and stayed only one day. But fell in love with this country, I at first sight! In the Spanish way of life attracts me a General slackness: no hurry and everyone is always in a good mood! And I always want to share it with the audience!

– It's a light a beautiful story about how may change the day, if a little to deviate from the usual route, – says the Director of the video Stanislav Morozov. – Natasha is a wonderful person, incredibly professional, friendly and charming. I was very pleased to work on this video.