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Radiohead was recognized as the most influential group in the world

Radiohead was recognized as the most influential group in the world


British magazine NME has compiled a ranking of the 100 most influential musicians of our time. The leader of the list was a group of Radiohead. By the way, such legends as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the rating was not. Managing editor, explained why:

“When we thought about the idea of a room devoted to the most influential musicians immediately the question arose: what is the place to take The Beatles? Obviously, modern music in its present form would not exist without them. Ask any artist and he will confirm that this is, without exaggeration, the most influential group in history.

But how many young musicians now hangs their posters on the rehearsal points and sits behind the instrument to write a new “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds»? The same can be said about Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who… Their reputation and their influence is undeniable. And this is a constant, which can be put outside the brackets.

Because after a week of hard work on the rankings we have moved our meeting to the nearest bar, broke all the prepared lists and the shouts and the disputes finally brought hundreds of influential artists, which you can see in the log. The Beatles there. Sorry”.

Second place went to David Bowie, but the third was rapper Kanye West. 

the Top 10 most influential musicians of our time according to NME magazine looks like this:

1. Radiohead

2. David Bowie

3. Kanye West

4. The White Stripes

5. The Strokes

6. The Flaming Lips

7. The Gun Club

8. Kate Bush

9. Nick Cave

10. The xx