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Holidays on the Muse

Holidays on the Muse





9 Jun at 21:25 “My best lover»

10 June at 17:15 «the adventures of Alyonushka and Yarema»

on 10 June at 19:10 "the New adventures of Alyonushka and Yarema»

11 Jun at 11:50 “Our Masha and the magic nut»

11 June at 13:15 «Courier»




11 Jun 15:00 the Concert of Muse “We can party» — the Best hits sung by your favorite stars, superdecoration and a Grand light show!

11 Jun at 16:00 Concert Muse “D-90s. Dance-marathon» — an Unprecedented dance marathon! The atmosphere of incendiary club scene of the 90s will be recreated by the group Technology, the Euro, Virus, Hi-Fi, Revolvers, gone with the wind, as well as Natalie, Alex and others. Feel unrestrained drive and a real positive!

11 Jun at 20:00 Prom in the Kremlin 2011 — don't miss: Vera Brezhneva, City 312, Irakli, Chelsea, Jane, Disco Crash, Mitya Fomin, Silver, Timur Rodriguez and many others! See the Ball of your mechty!




10 June at 13:45 Premiere! “Cosmopolitan. The video version» — visiting Vyacheslav Manucharov, Arina Perchik and Miroslava Karpovich star of the TV series “University” and just pleasant in all respects girl, Anna Khilkevich!

11 Jun at 10:20 Premiere! “Popular true. Football fever» — Mystery of the mad popularity of the players is disclosed. Unravel the mysteries of their personal lives. All about the legends of the national Team of Russia! The start of the Euros 2012 dedicated!

11 June at 21:35 and 12 June at 16:35 MUZ-TV#Igor Krab — Past Award MUZ-TV 2012 has exposed many of the problems of domestic show-business and became the subject of debate viewers and cause public quarrels between many artists of the country. How to get a plate MUZ-TV? Why actors instead of real people vote bots? Objectively whether to navigate to a vote of fan groups in the selection of winners in each category? Top artists of the country will gather for a few hours in one place, to learn who is dissatisfied with the results of the Award and which is a guarantee of victory artist Award – the talent, the preferences of the audience, or something else?