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Anniversary of death of Viktor Tsoy

Anniversary of death of Viktor Tsoy


Viktor Tsoi was born on 21 June 1962 in Leningrad, and from early childhood showed a tendency to creative activity. True, at first the parents thought of the son going forth of the artist, but the first guitar given to Victor in the 5th grade, predetermined future.

while Still a student, he organized his first band «Ward No. 6”, and the end of the 70's has become my  St. Petersburg rock the party. The prototype for “Movie» was established in the summer of 1981 Tsoi, Rybin and Walinski group «Garin & hyperboloids». The team take in a rock club, and later, after leaving Belinskogo and rename to “Movie», the band records its first album named “45». Serious help in the recording and in the formation of the group has Boris Grebenshchikov, more — musicians "Aquarium» Sami was accompanied by the young musicians and took part in the first concerts.

the First album, as the subsequent record "46» widespread in the country, and the song “Movie» instantly became famous and popular. Throughout the 80s the group changed the composition, however, this did not impact on their success — from year to year, Choi and the company gave out hit after hit. “the Last Hero”, "Bystander" «Blood», «the Star called the Sun" “the Cuckoo» — here are just a small part of the songs, the texts of which, and even guitar chords known to the whole country.

the Story ended abruptly — August 15, 1990 Victor Tsoi dies in a car accident near the capital of Latvia. He was driving his “the Muscovite-2141» and at some point, according to the investigation, fell asleep and drove into the oncoming lane, crashed into a bus — the musician died on the spot. He was buried on August 19 at the Theological cemetery in Leningrad. After this tragedy, the musicians have completed unfinished album called the people because of the color of the cover of “Black”, and ceased to exist group “Movie». However, Viktor Tsoi remained an idol of youth, and still, after more than 20 years since the death of his memorable places in Moscow and St Petersburg are rarely empty.