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EMIN will present an exclusive program at the Palace square

EMIN will present an exclusive program at the Palace square


In Saint-Petersburg 24 July as part of a large celebratory concert “forever Blue», organized by «Crocus city Hall», EMIN will present an exclusive program: the best singles, legendary hits, and duets with Ani Lorak, Polina Gagarina and the famous music producer David foster (David Foster). The concert will take place in the heart of the cultural capital, on the Palace square.

the Program will be truly unique and will differ from the program of the Russian tour of the artist and will host in the historical area of the city, on Palace square, where his solo concerts, gave the world stars: Madonna (Madonna), sting (Sting), Paul McCartney (Paul McCartney).

Tracklist will consist of classic American standards and rock ' n ' roll works of the great musicians: Chuck berry (Chuck Berry) Elvis Presley; Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis (Jerry Lee Lewis) and others. Among them the song “Unchained melody”, “Creative”, "Medley»… for the First time in a foreign language will be presented to the Russian hit “over you”, the English name which sounds like “Love is a Deadly Game”.

the program will include duets with famous pop-divas of the country. Song “You don’t have to say you love me» EMIN will sing a duet with Ani Lorak and the song “Always on my mind” with Polina Gagarina. Classic program will dilute modern and popular songs artist: “Woman" “Into the night" "Amor» English-language songs from the new album “Love is a Deadly Game" of the world which is scheduled for release in November this year. Also the concert will feature the legendary song of Muslim Magomayev «Blue Eternity”.

the Special guest of the concert will be the well-known producer and musician, winner of 16 "Grammy» David foster (David Foster), who will be accompanied on the piano by EMIN’.

it is Worth noting that the concert  EMIN’and  will be a continuation of the big holiday concert “Forever Blue», dedicated to the 320-th anniversary of the Navy of the Russian Federation. The concert will be held under support of St. Petersburg Government and the Ministry of Defense.

the Gala concert will be a gift from Moscow city hall «Crocus city Hall» outdoor 25 Oct 2009 entrepreneur Araz Agalarov in honor of his friend, the great singer and musician Muslim Magomayev.

the concert will feature the participation of famous Russian artists: Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Tatiana Bulanova and others. This holiday decoration will be a performance of the famous song and dance Ensemble of the black sea Fleet. Leading the concert will be Alexander Marshall and Yana Churikova. 31 July, Navy day, will be broadcast the first part of the concert on the First channel.

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