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"Battle for ether". In the family of Muza, updated twins!

"Battle for ether". In the family of Muza, updated twins!


has Come to its logical end fights in the show “fight for air». A month and a half of our members joked, improvised and surprised the judges with all his talents — and all for the sake of the main prize — place the lead on the Muse. Stage by stage contenders for the semi-finals were eliminated, because each qualifying round to the semifinals could go only two members, and in the final battle for the airwaves together six of the best of the best.

At the end of the program, the broadcast which ended literally just that, the regular members of the jury joined by CEO of the Muse Andrey Dimitrov. It was he who made the final decision with whom to sign a contract. And he all of a sudden around suggested locations for the channel to two finalists! They were Ilya Sobolev — the undisputed winner and a guaranteed presenter at the Muse, and Bruscare Mirza, who will undergo a probationary period and, if successful, to join Ilya in the air.

Congratulations to our winners!

Ilya Sobolev and Mirza Bruscare tell us about yourself:


Born in Krasnoyarsk. 25 Feb 1983. The profession of a comedian was mastered in early childhood. More or less succeeded in school. Started the WHC. At the Institute, where graduated, he also was, but from school turned into a professional. Premier League and the Higher KVN League, in which I participated with a team "Left Bank”, showed the TV inside. Wanted to go there, to be honest. After appeared KVN Comedy club in Krasnoyarsk. From there was invited to TNT in “Laughter without rules”, and began to turn. Won “Laughter without rules" participated in “Lethal League». 4 years in a row in projects, home “chip” which was  improvisation, were not in vain. During this time also managed to record some dance tracks with St. Petersburg musician Adrian. Two of them were spinning on the radio Record and was very popular. At the moment is getting the second higher education, studying at SPBGATI on the music faculty. Will the entertainer! Cheers.  



Born in 1990 in the city of Yekaterinburg. The interesting thing is that I up to 3 years did not speak, and now I am very difficult to stop. In 1993 he met a man, a profession which he could not pronounce,— a speech therapist. And that, apparently, so  our conversation did not happen. At the Age of 5 years old the first time I performed on stage. Well, on stage — front  Santa Claus on a chair. In the end, the new year was just for me, all the gifts left to me, and I realized that I'm very persistent.

In elementary school he studied at the “5». But in 6th grade I have KVN and initiative. And the average score becomes "3.5”. Childhood  very often tried to rip the bears paws and then reattach. Here, it is seen more then decided to become a doctor and enrolled in the UGMA, which is trying to finish to this day.

January holidays 2012, good mood &? and I decide to throw your video on casting “the Battle for the broadcast». In the end, I'm here.